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Metal Art by Green are vibrant expressive ink, stain and pigment paintings vapor printed on coated aluminum.  Each is framed with either black or silver metal at 1.25 giving each that crisp appearance. The painting and printing process is a collaboration of Bruce and Christine Green. Their contemporary art conveys a calm yet dynamic energy. 

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Bruce and Christine Green

An artist’s work can be inspired by so many interests, beliefs, emotions and just what they enjoy creating.

In their art Bruce and Christine share a lifetime of collaborative ventures with one common theme. They love making their art. And they truly enjoy working together.

Each specialize in the part of the art most suitable for their talents. Then with the integrated parts forming the final art piece, an individualized yet expressive creation results.

History of Bruce includes studying chemistry, work with science experiments and building shelters in intentional communities. He creating a ceramic studio and built kilns, made his own clay and glazes, for his pottery business. His intellectual interests range from solving technical issues of art making to learning new technologies such as Photoshop and printing processes. Working with clay, glass, paper and metal, Bruce has a depth of experience across the mediums.

Christine’s interests are exploratory and creative. She discovered painting as an outlet for emotional expression. She studied Commercial Design, Interior Design, and was an educator of Discipline Based Art education, a Getty Grant to inspire students cross curriculum. Working with Bruce she applied glaze brushwork to ceramic surfaces for their ceramic art. Her lifelong interest in color theory and the intersection of shape and form create her aesthetic. Earlier painting styles have exaggerated and whimsical flowers bordering on the abstract. Her present art is a balance of color and form impacting not only visually but emotionally.

For the past 15 years their interest in the process of printmaking integrates their accomplished history.  Christine began exploring more liquid mediums like alcohol ink, metallic inks and specialized tools including airgun, heat guns, tiny brushes, tubes, vials, sponges, non-porous paper to create her visual interpretations of an interior essence. Her interior life of reaching for harmony, balance yet an energetic and lively feeling informs her approach to art making.

Bruce, ever the explorer, reached for the goals of utilizing scanners, large printers, heat presses and digital computer work for the complete process of printmaking. How all unite together in a cohesive whole to make an amazing work of art has many challenges. Combining the work of Christine with these exciting technical elements that Bruce utilizes creates the beautiful panels offered on this website and Fine Art Fairs.

Bruce & Christine Green create expressive abstract metal art.

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